How Richard Jefferson got out of trouble with the NYPD

How Richard Jefferson got out of trouble with the NYPD

Being famous is a two-edged sword. There’s unwanted attention a lot of times, but people recognizing you in the streets can be a good thing. The star of Game of Thrones, Kit Harrington, once got out of a speeding ticket after revealing his character’s destiny to a police officer before the episode aired. The cop gave him his license back and said, ”On your way, Lord Commander.”

Richard Jefferson has a similar story. RJ was drafted by the Nets and had just got his driver’s license. There are a few worse places to learn how to drive than in New York City. Early in his NBA career and driving tenure, Jefferson was with a friend driving through NYC and did an illegal right on red. To add insult to injury, he wasn’t just spotted by the cops; he cut them off doing so. 

His friend started to panic, but Jefferson was young and foolish and just started to laugh. As he said himself, “I was young and an idiot.” The officer pulled him over, took his license, and recognized the face. 

The cop comes in, gets my license, and asks, “Are you Richard Jefferson?” I was like, “Yeah.” Goes back to his car, comes back with the New York Post. We had just beat the Knicks, maybe I was still drunk, and I was on the back page of the Post. He goes, “Are you this Richard Jefferson??” and I went, “Yes sir, that’s me, you got me.

Richard Jefferson, ESPN

This was a 50/50 for RJ, but it turned out the cop wasn’t a Knicks fan, so he let Jefferson go. I hope he at least signed the Post for the cop. Maybe there were tickets involved. We’ll never know.