How Phil Jackson decided if he was going to fire someone on the Knicks

How Phil Jackson decided if he was going to fire someone on the Knicks

Chris Brickley, Black Ops Basketball head and one of the most sought-after trainers in the NBA, shared a special moment with former New York Knicks coach Phil Jackson which changed his life forever.

Phil Jackson fired everyone except Brickley

Brickley was part of the New York Knicks coaching staff, but he almost didn’t make it. When Phil Jackson was hired, he immediately implemented changes, including firing everyone in the coaching staff. Quick thinking saved Brickley’s job. The famous trainer added he was the only one who got to keep his job in the Knicks at that time. He shared the story with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson.

“Phil’s like let me ask you three questions. So he said, “Is Steve Nash an athlete, why or why not?” I said, yes, he is. First, he has the records in 3-minute (drills) and he’s really good at changing speeds. Being an athlete doesn’t mean just being explosive. There are different types of being an athlete. “Give me all the characteristics of a jumper. Like all the types of jumping.” I’m like you may be a quick jumper, you could be a high-flyer or you have a quick second jump. “When you shooting a jump shot, should you go two on two or do you hop into it?” I said it does not really matter. There are great shooters that do both. He said, “Alright. Meet me tomorrow. You’re gonna run the predraft.

Chris Brickley, All The Smoke

This is an amazing insight into the mind of Phil Jackson. Brickley shed light on what conditions Jackson looked for when hiring a coaching staff. Brickley’s quick and insightful answers convinced Phil that he was worth keeping. I guess others didn’t have good answers.

Top trainer for NBA players in the offseason

Since then, a lot has happened in Chris Brickley’s career. His social media pages are full of NBA stars training in the offseason or participating in pickup games. His most notable clients are Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, CJ McCollum, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and Donovan Mitchell.

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Brickley’s work has been credited by players who have shown improvements in their game. When Melo was still without a team, his workout videos with Brickley convinced teams that Anthony still had a lot left in his tank. Melo ultimately signed the Portland Trail Blazers. 

For Brickley, it’s always business as usual, no matter who his clients are. The good results produced by the players he worked with become the ultimate testament to his hard work and basketball knowledge.