HOW KOBE HELPED DRAYMOND deal with all the criticism

HOW KOBE HELPED DRAYMOND deal with all the criticism

Draymond Green has a reputation of a dirty player. The type of player that might elbow you when you drive to the hoop, shove you mid-air, or even kick you in the nuts. In the history of the modern NBA, no one comes close to being as hated as Dray.

Throughout NBA history there’s only been a handful of players who’ve had that kind of reputation. Players like the infamous Bill Laimbeer, Bruce Bowen, and even Green’s former teammate, Zaza Pachulia.

Having that kind of rep, comes with a target on you back in most cases, as other players are not hesitant to retaliate with cheap shots. But even more so, having that kind of rep brings a lot of hate. And hate, as we know, is one of the toughest human emotions to deal with.

Recently Draymond Green revealed to Cari Champion on “The Brownprint” that the tag his extra physical style of play bothered him until he had a conversation about it with the Black Mamba himself.

Kobe Bryant apparently taught Dray an important about ignoring the haters, being laser-focused on his end goals and striving to achieve more than the next man.

“You’re chasing something so much bigger, so much great than the average person can understand,” Green said of Bryant’s advice. “The reality is 99 percent of the world is OK with mediocrity. How do you even expect them to be able to understand you?”

Draymond Green & Kobe Bryant

According to Green, Kobe went on to tell him about his personal experiences so that he would make it easier for Draymond to apply his advice.

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Kobe's advice to Draymond about other people's opnions.

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There you have it folks, straight from the goat’s mouth. So next time you stop and second guess yourself because there is chatter going on around you, just remember the wisdom passed on from the Black Mamba.