How Klay’s injury impacts the Warriors moving forward

How Klay’s injury impacts the Warriors moving forward

Everyone was waiting to see what the Wolves and Warriors will do with their picks, and then we got the worst possible news – Klay Thompson suffered a right leg injury, and from the get-go, the news seemed bad. We don’t have details yet, an MRI is scheduled for this morning, but all indications are it’s an Achilles injury. 

The Warriors built their entire draft and free agency strategy on coming back strong with Steph, Klay, and Draymond rested and hungry to win another ring. That’s why trading no.2 and using the Igoudala trade exception to get a big star was considered the best possible outcome on draft day. That all changed yesterday morning, so Golden State picked the guy they liked the most – James Wiseman, a 7′-1″, 240 lbs mobile center who’s upside Jay Bilas described as a bigger Chris Bosh

Steph is 32, Draymond 30, so the Warriors don’t have time to waste despite Klay’s injury. Their championship window is now, and unless they pull a rabbit out of their hat, that window got significantly smaller. There is a bearded shooting guard in Houston wanting a grade, and the Warriors could offer Wiggins, Wiseman, the Minessota 2021 pick, and extra draft compensation.

The Athletic’s Sam Vecenie believes a package from Golden State would make the most sense for the Rockets. I don’t think it’s realistic, but it would be fascinating to see Steve Kerr coach Harden after saying the Warriors would never “have one guy go high pick-and-roll 70 times a game.

Bradley Beal said he is committed to giving the Wizards a chance, but he will be talked about if the season starts poorly for the team from DC. Such a move would greatly increase the Warriors’ championship odds, or better put would bring them into championship contention. 

A healthy Steph Curry will always make you a playoff team, but Steph and Draymond are not enough to face the Lakers, Clippers, Denver, Jazz, Dallas, Portland, or Phoenix.

I hope all this becomes irrelevant, and the MRI shows the injury is not as bad as it seemed. But if it is, the Warriors need to go all in and use every available asset to bring another star if they want to maximize Steph Curry’s prime.