How Klay Thompson called his monster performance in Game 6, 2019
"One of those games"

How Klay Thompson called his monster performance in Game 6, 2019

Sometimes, you can just feel it. On June 13, 2019, Klay Thompson felt it. Even before Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals tipped off, he knew he was in for a great one. And he made sure Draymond Green knew it as well.

Klay approached Green, radiating confidence. And unlike most of the times, when he would let his game do the talking, Klay decided to verbalize it. He let Draymond know he’d be the hot hand to feed for the entirety of the contest.

He was like, ‘Dray, I’m about to have one of those games. I’m telling you now, I’m about to have one of those games.’ I’m just like ‘What?‘ He’s like, ‘No, I’m about to destroy them. I’m telling you, just give me the ball, I’m about to have one of those games.’ Sure enough, he had one of those games.

Draymond Green, The Dubs Talk Podcast

And sure enough, he did. Klay went off for 30 points on 8-for-12 from the floor, 4-for-6 from deep, and 10-for-10 from the free-throw line before suffering an ACL injury with three minutes left in the third. His performance was capped at 32 minutes, as the Raptors beat the undermanned Warriors 114-110 for the organization’s first-ever NBA championship.

But Klay did what he had promised to do. Even with the injury, he put up a game-high in points and was by far the most efficient player on the court. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen him play since. After going through recovery, not playing NBA basketball for 17 months, Klay tore his Achilles in November ’20, forcing him to miss a second straight season due to an injury.

He’s set to return at the start of the 21/22 NBA season, and people already question will he ever play like his old self, or will Game 6 of the ’19 NBA Finals be the last time we saw prime Klay in action.

Allow me to pull a Klay Thompson and make a prediction myself — it won’t be. There are many more ‘one of those games‘ in store for this Splash Brother.