How Jokic’s “worst game ever” brought him to Denver

How Jokic’s “worst game ever” brought him to Denver

Nikola Jokic took the league by storm this season. The Serbian center averaged 20-10-8 this season and more importantly, showed up big time in the playoffs. He is already considered to be one of the best passing big men ever – bit things weren’t so clear a few years ago.

First of all, a quick reminder that there was a legit Jokic vs. Nurkic discussion in Denver when they had both of these guys on the roster. Nurk also had an amazing season before his unfortunate injury, but we see Jokic is in a class of his own. (also, props to Denver’s front office – they obviously have an eye for European players.)

Even more fascinating than that is the way Jokic got to Denver in the first place at all. Sometimes, you just gotta be lucky. The irony is, Denver got Nikola after a bad performance in Europe. Not bad, horrible. This is Nikola’s agent, Miodrag Miško Ražnatović (via Nedeljnik)

We had a deal in place with Barcelona. Then the unfortunate thing happened, well, very fortunate as it turned out. The last game before signing with Barcelona, Nikola played against Barcelona. That wasn’t bad, that was the worst ever.

Nikola had such a bad game that Barcelona decided to postpone the contract signing. Arturas Karnisovas, a Denver representative, got involved and suggested the possibility that Nikola goes directly to Denver.

The rest is history.