How Eddy Curry wasted his millions “Hey bro I got you, what you need $1,500?

How Eddy Curry wasted his millions “Hey bro I got you, what you need $1,500?

The NBA is a huge pool of different life stories. It’s a heterogeneous aggregate of different backgrounds, all gathered around the same thing – love for the game of basketball.

What is exclusively a passion for some, is an escape route for others, especially for NBA players from humble beginnings. For some, utilizing their basketball talents might seem like their only option. That’s why they’re the ones working the hardest. They’re coming into it with a mindset of having everything to lose. And that may be the best way to do it. Because, the more you have on the line, the more effort you put in. And more often than not, you end up gaining the most.

But for some, that’s when real problems occur. Coming from humble beginnings and then receiving a massive injection of money becomes a slippery slope for one. Money should be a by-product of one’s efforts. A reward for something you’ve been working for your whole life. But for some NBA players, it tends to become the primary source of issues.

Eddy Curry is your prime example of such an NBA story. Coming from Thornwood High School, Curry checked every box as one of the most promising high-school recruits. However, the guy once dubbed “Baby Shaq” never realized his immense potential. A series of questionable lifestyle choices led to a myriad of financial troubles. So much that the guy who earned $70 million over his 11 years in the NBA, today has a net worth of only $3 million. I bet you’re wondering how’s that possible. Well, here’s how.

At some point, I kinda fell in love with helping people. I couldn’t say no. I could not listen to somebody crying on the phone, telling me something was wrong, and just know or feel like this money could help them. So I was like ‘hey bro I got you, what you need $1,500? I got you ‘They’d be like, ‘$1,500 would do, but if you had $3,000 that’d be better ‘and I’m like, ‘I got you. ‘When you’re doing that to 15 different people, it adds up.

Eddie Curry, The Player’s Tribune

That is just a drop in the ocean of Curry’s poor off-court decisions that led him to financial problems. But it does paint the perfect picture of how Curry mismanaged his money. It seems like Eddie is your textbook example of came from nothing type of NBA player who had a hard time adjusting to the fact he suddenly became a millionaire.

I mean, the guy paid $1,000 for a cable TV. One could say what’s a thousand dollars in comparison to all the millions he had earned. And you know what, that’s fair in most people’s cases. But in cases like this, it only goes to show you Eddie’s mindset when it came to money. He simply didn’t care how he spent it. And he was surrounded by people that took advantage of him. It’s a recipe for disaster, and disaster eventually occurred.

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