How Doc Rivers centered plays around KG’s acting ability

How Doc Rivers centered plays around KG’s acting ability

Anyone who’s seen “Uncut Games” and knows basketball wasn’t surprised that Kevin Garnett was outstanding in the movie. KG was a performer the moment he stepped foot on an NBA court. Garnett was so good he immediately jumped into the conversation about the best athlete actor of all time. It turns out his acting ability was significant in crucial moments for the Celtics.

Misdirection is critical in winning games at the highest level. Jordan talking to Kerr on the bench, telling him to be ready because he knows they will double him is legendary. Give the ball to MJ, draw in the help, and find the open man. Kerr was ready, and the rest is history.

That’s the idea of having several superstars on your team. Make the opponent pick their poison. Usually, there is one closer on each team, a guy that always gets the last-second shot. If you look at every great team, they would rarely go to a big man for the final shot. You had to be Kareem to get that opportunity. If you were playing the ’08 Celtics, you had to pick between Paul Pierce and Ray Allen; it was impossible to double both.

Doc Rivers leaving money in the visiting locker room ceiling at Staples and telling his team they will come back to collect that money in the Finals wasn’t the only creative moment he had with this team. Doc decided to use KG’s acting skills to confuse teams after time-outs.

“Doc Rivers told us that he would design plays that rested upon KG’s acting abilities…That he would come out and be cocky and pretend like the play was centered around him so that the team would pick up on that, and forget that Paul Pierce is in the corner for three.”

Josh Safdie, “Uncut Gems” behind the scenes

That must’ve been tough on KG, a coach telling him to be loud and cocky. Yet, Garnett somehow found it in him to help out the team. Who’d think that a former coach could give you an excellent recommendation for a career in Hollywood?