How a vegan burger led to Kyrie and KD joining forces in Brooklyn

How a vegan burger led to Kyrie and KD joining forces in Brooklyn

Behind every superteam in recent NBA history has been a process of recruiting and tampering involving mostly star players or notable legends of the city trying to persuade a star to come to their team. If you remember, back in 2016, when Kevin Durant tested out the free agency water and signed with the Warriors, the Celtics before them had Tom Brady present for their pitch meeting. In the end, all the Warriors stars took KD to the Hamptons and convinced him to form one of the best teams ever. But when it came to KD joining the Brooklyn Nets, the recruiting process looked vastly different and unique.

Matt Sullivan and his book Can’t Knock the Hustle Inside the Season of Protest, Pandemic, and Progress with the Brooklyn Nets’ Superstars of Tomorrow” offer insight into the chronicles of the crazy 2020 season. However, the part regarding the recruiting process for Kevin Durant from Kyrie Irving‘s side is one of the most interesting parts of the book; as the story is so funny and unique, you have to hear it. 

Back in early 2019, Kyrie was still a part of the Boston Celtics, but his mind was already gone in Brooklyn and ready to form a new superteam. So who better to invite to dinner and persuade than possibly the greatest scorer of all time, Kevin Durant. The Celtics were playing the Warriors the following day in a hyped nationally-televised game, so Kyrie decided to take advantage of the opportunity with KD in town.

Kyrie wanted to go home, and with two max salary slots, a young, flexible GM, and a solid team, he had the opportunity to make the Nets a powerhouse. But he needed another big name alongside him, as Durant was a perfect choice. Not only because of his skill, but KD himself was looking for a way out of Golden State. After a few great seasons and two championships, Durant wanted something new due to him seeing the Warriors on a downward trajectory. Also, Curry getting more attention irked Durant, making him look for a better situation.

So Irving and Durant, both looking for a way out, found each other and saw the possibility of partnering up in Brooklyn alongside a good friend of theirs in Deandre Jordan. Even though now he doesn’t have a role with the Nets, initially, he was supposed to be the glue holding everything together and doing the dirty work.

So after a couple of glasses of wine, a veggie burger to which KD said: “I could f— with this,” and some 2K, a new team was formed, and the power was proved to be in the hands of the players again. It would be the start of the infamous Brooklyn Nets we have today, with the two heroes of this story, James Harden, and numerous other great pieces. Still, after all the injuries, they have a crucial Game 7 against the Bucks coming up. Now we will see if Kyrie’s plan will succeed and get them past Giannis on their fight for a championship.

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