Horace Grant goes in on the real Michael Jordan

Horace Grant goes in on the real Michael Jordan

Horace Grant was one of the most underappreciated and underrated players of the ’90s, providing a vital role on some pretty good teams from that era like the Chicago Bulls, Orlando Magic, and the Los Angeles Lakers.

The talented power forward was the third option behind Jordan and Pippen during the Bulls threepeat in 1991,1992, and 1993. Even after he left the Bulls, Grant was a crucial part of the rising Orlando Magic with Shaq and Penny. Being a part of the championship Bulls in the early ’90s, Grant had the chance to witness the greatness of Michael Jordan and all the stories and events that occurred around him and his persona.

Grant made a guest appearance on HOT 97 for a discussion that mostly revolved about his former teammate, MJ, and all the stories that he experienced during his time with the Bulls organization. A particularly exciting piece of the interview was when Grant talked about how he and Pippen knew before the game started if they were going to win.

“Scottie & I.. used to stand on the sideline when MJ went out to halfcourt. If we see the captains of the other team shake his hand & smile & laugh, we know we had that game. Because they’re having fun with MJ, but we knew MJ was thinking about putting the boot on your throat.”

You could say their job was pretty easy in those games because MJ would take care of most of the work, but they all had to match his intensity to a certain degree because he couldn’t do it by himself. That is just one of many examples of how Jordan was passionate and competitive since the moment he would walk into the arena.