“He’s just a rude motherf—-r” – Iverson names his Top 5 killers in the NBA

“He’s just a rude motherf—-r” – Iverson names his Top 5 killers in the NBA

I wasn’t a point guard. I was a killer.” Now we don’t usually acknowledge those who self-assign a certain title to their name — “any man who must say ‘I am king’ is no true king at all.” But this is Allen Iverson we’re talking about. And Allen Iverson wasn’t just a point guard. He was, in fact, the ultimate killer.

But is he the last of his kind? Because other than the late great Kobe Bryant, between Iverson’s contemporaries, as well as his successors, there isn’t an obvious standout worthy of carrying that title.

According to the Hall of Famer himself, there’s nothing to worry about. On the contrary, with everyone complaining about the lack of true killers in today’s NBA, Iverson believes there are many to choose from. And during his interview with Taylor Rooks, he listed his Top 5.

Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, James Harden and Bradley Beal.

Allen Iverson, Taylor Rooks Interview

After naming the first four, Iverson seemingly had trouble coming up with one last name to put on the list. Then he smiled and remembered the guy most people would agree should top that list. And it seems Allen feels the same way.

Dame! Certified! He’s a monster with it. Steph is bad as hell, but Dame is just a rude motherf—-r. He’s just rude, he’s just disrespectful. He does anything. He passes halfcourt and let it fly, buzzer-beaters. No fear.

Allen Iverson, Taylor Rooks Interview

That’s what it means to be a killer — having a fearless mentality on the basketball court, always being locked in on doing whatever it takes to come out victorious. And there’s no doubt Damian Lillard is one guy from today’s NBA who best epitomizes all of that. But the rest of the guys from Iverson’s list also deserve to be there.

There’s a reason one of Curry’s nicknames is Baby-Faced Assasin. KD and James Harden are some of the greatest offensive weapons in the history of the game. And Bradley Beal, as great as he is individually, still hasn’t requested a trade from the Wizards. It doesn’t get more fearless than that.

But more importantly, they are all recognized by the ultimate killer. And that’s all the validation every basketball player striving to become a killer on the court needs.