Here’s why LeBron James’ last NBA dream may not happen

Here’s why LeBron James’ last NBA dream may not happen

LeBron James will go down as one of the best ever, if not the GOAT of basketball, when it’s all said and done. However, as his career winds down, he may not get this one very personal wish.

Father and son tandem

James has publicly stated his desire to play with his son Bronny James in the NBA. The 4-time champion is now 36 years old while Bronny is only 16; the latter still has two to three years left before entering the draft, should all plans to push through. For the former Cavs superstar, playing in the pros on the same team with his son means so much more from a perspective of a father. 

As James said in an interview with GQ and published by Yahoo Sports, it would be “the icing on the cake,” for his career. 

The man has achieved so much and made things happen on the court that no other player has done in the history of the NBA. A simple wish of a father should easily be granted, right? However, it may not be as simple as it looks. Here’s why.

Bronny’s progress

Bronny has been playing for a few years now. He played for several AAU teams and showed flashes of his more famous father, but he is not his father, and while that may be a good case for him in the long run, it could affect his chances of making it in the NBA.

In a game called The Battle Basketball Showcase, where 1,300 people attended and with no less than the Lakers star watching on the sidelines, James Jr. put up 9 points, 3 assists, 2 steals, and 2 rebounds, suiting up for Strive for Greatness team. They lost the game by two points, with Bronny taking and missing the last shot. 

He put up decent numbers but not eye-popping. To be fair, many young prospects deserve to be seen more and given the same hype. Only they are not the son of an All-Time great. For Bronny, in a 2019 article, some scouts labeled him a top 50 prospect in his class.

What experts like about his game is that he has the size for the position at 6’4″ and, on top of that, a high basketball IQ just like his father. Will that be enough to get him drafted? It could, but he still has to develop other areas of his game more. It remains to be seen how far he can progress in the next two to three years. It will be one of the factors for making his father LeBron James’ wish happen. Can Bronny do it?

To be honest, LeBron has enough influence and power in the league to pull it off and make his wish come through. He can even own a team and be its general manager or coach while still playing. No one can hate a father wanting something unique and different to happen. He’s worked hard for it, and the man deserves a fitting closing to his fairy tale career. 

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