Here’s what Trae Young and his generation purchased with their first paycheck

Here’s what Trae Young and his generation purchased with their first paycheck

Rookie contracts are rarely the biggest ones a successful NBA player will make in his career, but that first check and what you buy with it mean a lot. Here are some of the big purchases that some stars such as Trae Young and Ja Morant splurged on their first paychecks.

Cars, cars, and cars

Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young bought a brand new Audi R8. The car costs around $200,000 when all the upgrades were factored in. At the time Young acquired the car, he had a 3-year, $15 million deal with the Hawks. Considering all NBA contract numbers are pre-tax, the R8 put a dent in Trae’s bank account. But the way he played in this year’s Playoffs, he doesn’t have to worry. 

On the other hand, Grizzlies star Ja Morant also spent serious money on a car but not for himself – his parents. In 2020, he surprised his father with a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. The car carries a price tag of as much as $70,000. Morant also gifted his mother with an Audi A8 L. 

Miami Heat player Tyler Herro decided to buy his mother a Gucci purse worth $5,000. He also did not forget to treat himself to a new S Class 63 AMG 2020 Mercedes which costs around $200,000. 

It’s refreshing to see that while young stars treat themselves, they don’t forget to give back to their parents. There’s no better feeling than treating the ones who loved you and supported you most once you make it. 

Basketball stars are still human after all. They still get attracted to shinier things. Andre Iguodala once admitted buying more than enough shoes with his first paycheck. Warriors forward Draymond Green revealed he splurged around $20,000 partying in a nightclub. These stories are good reminders of how not to waste money on non-essential things but also make good memories. 

The NBA has invested a lot in educating rookies and young players about financial management. Hopefully, we’ll see fewer and fewer players in heartbreaking stories of going broke or even homeless. These kids may spend on fancy things, but they know you need to save up for retirement, which in their case may start as early as in their mid-30s. 

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