“He walked in the hotel with a wet T-shirt”

“He walked in the hotel with a wet T-shirt”

The secret ingredient of the Golden State Warrior era isn’t small ball or three-point shooting. It is their character.

To have so many talented players, superstars in their own right that truly believe in deferring and shearing the wealth is what makes this team a dynasty. We often celebrate players like Kobe, but such players never have a team attitude that would enable them to play in such an environment. Me, Myself and I may be celebrated, but it comes with a cost.

If you go back in time, Klay was the guy that bailed the Warriors against OKC in Game 6. They went on to win the series and Durant joined them that summer. Klay had a lot of such games, where he would go off and carry the team on his back. He would then tell a weird story about his performance and go back in the shadows.

Last night Klay started the game 7-7 from the floor, ended with 12-20, 6-9 from the three, a total of 32 points. In a classic Klay fashion, he had 1 rebound, no assists. He got the ball, maybe had one dribble and let it fly. Last night, the bucket seemed like the ocean. Klay’s explanation for the performance is the ocean (via ESPN).

I didn’t think I had bad games, but I didn’t have any big games. I told Jonas [Jerebko on Saturday] — we went to the beach and played some volleyball — I’m like, ‘Yo, I’m just going to jump in the ocean, and I just know that will reset my mind.’ And it worked. I don’t know if I’m going to jump [in the water] up north [in the Bay Area] because it’s freezing, but it’s something I’ll definitely contemplate if I don’t shoot the ball that well the rest of the year. But hopefully, that doesn’t happen.

His teammates are used to seeing things like these. After China Klay, Qatar Klay, his love for scaffolding and the care his dog gets, it starts making sense. That’s why Curry knew he would have a good game when he saw him coming into the hotel wet, with his sunglasses on.

When Klay does something weird, good things usually happen. That’s why he will most likely stay in Golden State this summer. This is home, this is where they get him.