“He needs months to recover without ruining his knee cap forever”

“He needs months to recover without ruining his knee cap forever”

Victor Oladipo just dropped a new album, and it seems he will have time to promote it. Given the fact Indiana isn’t followed as much, the fact that Oladipo hasn’t been playing with “knee soreness” didn’t get a lot of attention (and speculation). He played his last game on November 17th and had missed eight games since.

In the beginning, Oladipo was listed as day-to-day with knee soreness. This is not uncommon and indicated that this was a precaution and managing wear-and-tear. Then on December 3rd, Pacers sent out an update (via NBA.com): “The Indiana Pacers announced Friday that Victor Oladipo would be out indefinitely as he continues to deal with a sore right knee. Further updates will be provided when warranted.”

A few things are worth pointing out here. For starters, no diagnosis was mentioned except “sore right knee.” This means either the Pacers are not sure what’s the problem or they know and don’t want to make it publicly known at the moment. Both options can’t be good news. Second, there is no timetable here. Vagueness is never good, and this implies there are disagreements within the Pacers on how to proceed. We’ve seen how injury disputes can go with Kawhi and Fultz; it’s never good.

Then this tweet by Corey Elliot happened on December 4th. Not good. More importantly, there was no direct response from the Pacers which would imply they don’t have a direct denial of such an opinion. In the comments Elliot elaborated:

I’m not saying that I’ve been told Oladipo is out for the season. I clearly was not (see above). And I don’t have all the answers, this was simply a convo about his injury, etc. But from this particular individual, idk what they would gain from telling me that if it wasn’t true.