“Harden has to pass the torch to Westbrook this season”

“Harden has to pass the torch to Westbrook this season”

We are in the era of duos. A lot of teams feel as if they are contenders after the wild free agency we had, but only one team’s owner is out there putting pressure on his guys. The new owner syndrome is still strong with Tilman Fertita. The Rockets owner said that the window to win is now and that they “better be in the Western Conference Finals.”

The Rockets swapped CP3 for Russell Westbrook, and a lot of people jumped to point out these are top two possession eating players in the league. No two players spent as much time dribbling the ball and having the entire offense through them. There literally are not enough possessions in a game for both of them. If you sum up their possesions per game from last season, it is greater than the number of possessions the Rockets had last year. There are 13 other players on the roster as well.

Well, that part seems like a no-brainer, right? Harden is the guy. He was much better the past few years, it is his team and Westbrook is there to be 1B. There may be a weird basketball fit in other aspects of the game, but the possessions thing seems clear. Well, Scottie Pippen thinks otherwise. To him it is clear, Westbrook should be the main ball handler. (via The Jump)

I think he doesn’t have to take that second role. I think James Harden has to pass that torch to him, to allow him as the point guard to lead this team. Let’s not forget neither one of these players have won a championship. James Harden is not a point guard, he’s a shooting guard. I think he has to defer a little bit to Westbrook, let him run the team. He’s still gonna get his opportunities, he’s still gonna be their closer. Get his opportunities, play one on one. But, pushing the ball night in and night out, the ball is gonna be in Westbrook’s hands.

Scottie makes a good point, they both maximize each other if Westbrook is pushing the pace, attacking the rim and Harden is draining it from behind the arc. All that’s left to see is was Harden serious when he told everyone at the All-Star break he doesn’t like playing the way he did, but the team roster forced him to.