“Gregg Popovich will step down, Bill Self will become Spurs coach in 2020”

“Gregg Popovich will step down, Bill Self will become Spurs coach in 2020”

Everyone is doing their 2020 predictions and one, in particular, caught our eye. This one has long term implications on the NBA. While on Get Up, coach Seth Greenberg said his boldest prediction for 2020 was about Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs. 

“Gregg Popovich will step down as the head coach of the Spurs, cause he’s going to’ coach the Olympic team, and they are going to hire Bill Self. Bill Self, R.C. Buford were together at Kansas. You think about Bill Self: great communicator, creative offensive coach, terrific defensive coach, connects with players. I can see Bill Self make a seamless transition to the NBA.”

Seth Greenberg

Pop’s departure has been rumored for a few years now. Tim, Tony, and Manu are gone; they are hanging in the Western Conference, but a rebuild is in San Antonio’s future, and it’s hard to imagine Pop coaching through that. With Duncan joining the team as an assistant, there’s an instant reaction he’s next in line to follow Pop. Becky Hammond was also mentioned several times, even interviewed for a few head coaching positions in the NBA. But, everything coach Greenberg said about Self makes sense.

If the Spurs see Self as a good candidate for the job than taking over after this season would be perfect timing. if not, then it’s more likely that they plan for someone already on the staff to become the next head coach when Pop decides he’d prefer to stay in San Antonio, help the organization make decisions and spend more time drinking wine.

If we dare to dream for just a moment – maybe, just maybe, someone convinces Pop to drop by Inside the NBA and do a few sideline interviews.