Gregg Popovich describes what makes Luka Doncic so unique and dominant in the NBA

Gregg Popovich describes what makes Luka Doncic so unique and dominant in the NBA

Gregg Popovich has seen a lot of basketball and legendary players in his career, and he is usually not a man who often gives out compliments quickly to anyone except Tim Duncan. After Spurs lost 117-122 to the Mavs behind another magnificent performance from Luka Doncic, Popovich was amazed by what he saw from the 21-year-old. In a press conference after the game, he talked about what makes Luka so unique and dominant in today’s game. Luka finished the game with 36 points, 11 assists, and nine rebounds, leading the way for the Mavs, who have been struggling lately as a team.

He is a quintessential basketball player. He has an intrinsic feel for the game. He was built for this game. Also, he probably would be a great team handball player. At that size, to have that passing ability, that vision of the court, the confidence he plays with, he shots the ball well, he competes. He is just in love with the game of basketball, and his skills are just top-notch. He is a joy to watch.

Gregg Popovich

Seeing Popovich give that much respect for someone as young as Luka is genuinely remarkable, but he deserves it because he impacts the game in so many ways. The Mavericks haven’t played well as a team, but now that they have Kristaps back, things get better for them and their standings in the western conference. Both Kristaps and Luka will be the key players in their success, and they already developed a great between themselves, which is a great sign for the Mavs.