Gregg Popovich calls Kobe Bryant a “superhero that was actually a human”

Gregg Popovich calls Kobe Bryant a “superhero that was actually a human”

The Spurs lost to the Lakers last night, which didn’t please their head coach Gregg Popovich. Despite the fact, his team lost the game, one of the main topics for discussion after the game was the death of Kobe Bryant. Popovich had the chance to face Kobe countless times during his career and said they built a relationship and mutual respect over the years.

“There’s a lot of years that we watched Kobe. A lot of competitiveness playing against him, coaching against him, being with him at All-Star Games. I think everybody has their situations where even if they didn’t know him at all, they feel like they did. Especially the people in Los Angeles.”

Popovich believes Bryant left a tremendous impact on the game, which could have been seen by the reaction of numerous players and fans after they found out about his death. It also makes the situation that much harder because it happened all of a sudden rather than if you know someone is sick so you can get prepared for it to a certain degree.

“We all have those thoughts that just pass by when you lose somebody, and they just keep coming. It will take a while for them to stop, and the better you knew him, the more you think about the times you did have with him and the things you talked about. He was special to all of us in different ways. When somebody is sick for a long time, and you expect it, you deal with that. But when somebody is taken the way he and his daughter and the other people were taken, that makes it a tragedy and more painful in some ways.”

Kobe Bryant was a superhero to many fans out there, and that is how Popovich views him as well. Unfortunately, Popovich knows what Kobe’s family is going to because he also lost his wife due to respiratory illness almost two years ago.

“The tragedy for the Bryant family and all the other people is something we all learn to live with. We all get lost at a certain point, and everybody does the best they can to get through it. I can only wish for them that that process is as peaceful as possible because it’s really, really tough. He was like a superhero who was actually human. There aren’t any superheroes that are really human, but we kind of thought of him as one those.”