Grant Hill remembers getting humiliated in his last game against Michael Jordan

Grant Hill remembers getting humiliated in his last game against Michael Jordan

In an interview on the Dan Patrick Show, Grant Hill remembered his last game playing against Michael Jordan before retiring in a Washington Wizards jersey. At that time, Hill was playing for the Orlando Magic and had a tremendous desire to match up against Jordan for one last time. He knew he would no longer play that season because of an ankle injury that affected his playing time and performance.

Hill also said that when he was healthy and in his prime, he was convinced he was the best player in the NBA; however, injuries caught up with him, and he was never the same player. Before his last game against Jordan, Hill was in charge of guarding Jordan earlier that season, and according to him, he was successful in slowing him down. That gave him the confidence he could take on Jordan with a bad ankle, and he soon realized he had made a big mistake.

“So we’re playing Wizards, and it’s a TNT game, and he torched me in that first quarter, he literally gave me 20 points in the first quarter on the same play. He just ran the same play. I could not guard him, and literally, I checked out of the game in the first quarter, and I didn’t even go to the bench, I walked back to the locker room, and I was done. I had surgery a couple of days later, but I wanted to guard Jordan one last time, and I shouldn’t have.”

Grant Hill, via Dan Patrick Show

Jordan eventually finished the game with 32 points and 8 assists, shooting exceptionally well from the field in a win against the Magic. That was Hill’s last game that season in which he finished with only 2 points in 12 minutes of action. This game happened in Jordan’s final season in the NBA, and during his time with the Wizards, even though he was almost 40, he still put up solid numbers while showcasing why he is considered the greatest player in NBA history.