Gordon Hayward is ready to come of the bench if that will help the Celtics

Gordon Hayward is ready to come of the bench if that will help the Celtics

Gordon Hayward who came back from a horrific injury is not having a great season for the Boston Celtics. Of course it’s hard to be the same after such an injury, however, the Boston Celtics didn’t start of their season the right way so some changed must be implemented in order for them to compete for a championship.

Hayward is currently averaging 10 points per game with 5 rebounds and 4 assists while shooting poorly from the field at only 39 percent. Hayward is experienced and knows some things need to change in order for his team to win more games but also for him to be a more productive player.

He believes that instead of him starting games, he could come off the bench and provide the Celtics a much-needed spark from the bench.

For me, I’m happy to be on the court, No. 1 more than anything and, No. 2, whatever I can do to help us win. “I said it before the season, it’s whatever to me. We have to figure something out because for whatever reason we’re not playing our best basketball right now.”

Hayward has been in the league for quite some time now and is aware of the hard work that it takes to be competitive and successful.

“Sometimes it gets frustrating, but for me, I’ve played in the league long enough to know you just have to put in the work in practice and shoot with confidence, shoot your way out of it.”

The Boston Celtics are currently 8-6 which is not too bad but it’s far from what they expected at the beginning of this season. They have enough talent but some changes in their system will have to be made in order for them to secure the best possible position heading into the playoffs.