Gordon Hayward is looking good during his summer workout

Gordon Hayward is looking good during his summer workout

The good thing about living in the world of social media is that you can have an inside look into the private lives of many athletes. This is particularly interesting during the summer when a lot of players after their holidays return to their daily regime of working out to improve different aspects of their game.

One of the players who are definitely under the radar but could be a major part of his team’s success is Gordon Hayward. He was posting his workout routines for the past couple of days and it seems his recovery is going better than everyone expected.

This is definitely a good sign to see Hayward moving like that in July, almost three months before the NBA season officially starts. Hayward had a serious injury in which he had his ankle reconstructed.

With Hayward and Kyrie healthy, the Celtics are definitely the favorites to win the East next season. Even though LeBron James left Cleveland and will now face a much stronger competition out west, the eastern conference is still filled with a couple of really talented teams like the Sixers, Bucks, and even Toronto if they have a healthy Kawhi Leonard.

It will be an interesting season ahead, and hopefully, Hayward can completely recover before the start because his experience was much needed for the Celtics when facing stronger and more experienced teams