Gobert fires back at Shaq after O’Neal’s comments on his supermax extension

Gobert fires back at Shaq after O’Neal’s comments on his supermax extension

Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t think Rudy Gobert is worth the $205 million extension, which made the Frenchman the highest-paid center in NBA history.

Diesel appeared on CBS Sports’ “All Things Covered” podcast and took a shot at the Jazz star big man for a five-year contract he signed last month, scornfully mocking the message that was sent to the future generations of basketball players. “I’m not gonna hate, but this should be an inspiration to all the little kids out there,” O’Neal said. “You average 11 points in the NBA; you can get $200 million.”

Shaq followed it up with an Instagram post of him going 1v1 against a 2x Defensive Player of the Year, hinting that his bitterness about Gobert’s historical payout comes from a place of jealousy. It’s not solely about Rudy getting overcompensated for his efforts, but also about Shaq not getting paid enough. And the Hall of Famer didn’t hide his resentment.

This post, in particular, ignited a beef between a current Inside the NBA analyst and the highest-paid center in the history of the association. Here’s the back and forth between the two. I’ll let you decide who the winner is.

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I’ll side with Gobert on this one for the simple fact he stood his ground against the bitter one. Meanwhile, Shaq has found yet another big man to pile on. He’s once again showing a resentful side of him that can’t cope with new talent thriving, both financially and playing-wise, in today’s NBA climate. It makes him look insecure and, quite frankly, diminishes the all-time great basketball image O’Neal developed. He should be better than that. He’s yet to prove he is.