GILBERT ARENAS WARNED EVERYONE about the Davis and Lebron pairing

GILBERT ARENAS WARNED EVERYONE about the Davis and Lebron pairing

In August last year, before the start of the 2020 NBA season, Gilbert Arenas warned about the most dominant pairing in recent NBA history. During that time, people still had doubts about the Laker’s off-season moves, but not Gil.

While fans and media were still discussing whether or not the Lakers had given up too much for Anthony Davis, in a trade orchestrated by Lebron James, Arenas used his “No Chill Gil” platform to send out a fair warning to every team in the league.

Seeing how the 2020 season ended with the Lakers winning their seventeenth NBA championship, it’s safe to say that Gilbert made a bold prediction that came true. Say what you want about Agent Zero, but he sure does know basketball.

While critics were arguing over the number of assets the Lakers had given up in order to obtain Davis, Hibachi was confident that the sheer size of the Bron and AD pairing was well worth it.

“Like the only thing that could stop Anthony Davis last year was the coach. And the only thing that stopped Lebron last year was actually nothing. Like usual. So now you got both of those guys playing together on the same team…”

Gilbert Arenas, “No Chill Gil”

Having two players as dominant as them on the floor at the same time has been a nightmare for every single team that played them this season. Still, in order to secure the Larry O’Brien trophy, the Lakers’ front office also had to put together a complimentary supporting cast.

With Davis and Lebron as the leaders and a bench that featured names such as Rondo, Howard, and McGee, it was only right the Lakers brought home another championship to the city of Los Angeles.