Gilbert Arenas: “The game is simple. Two percent of basketball is creativity”

Gilbert Arenas: “The game is simple. Two percent of basketball is creativity”

Gilbert Arenas, who is known for his tremendous scoring abilities but also the most lucrative contract for a player that didn’t actually play properly for the past couple of seasons in his career is still involved in the game of basketball. Arenas started his own podcast where he discussed various topics on the game and some of the players he played against but also the players that are active in the NBA today.

In his last show, he touched upon the topic of being creative when playing the game and stated out how he believes how the game is actually pretty simple in its essence.


“People forget, it is simple, basketball is a simple game. Two percent of basketball is creativity. When someones cut you off and you come in with a nice move and you do something creative. That is just reaction. I think people are so infatuated with reaction moves that they think that is how you should play the game.”


He also stressed out the importance of learning the game the right way in a sense of actually practicing the moves that players would use on frequent occasions in the game. Gilbert thinks some coaches are not teaching the players properly.


“They think they should hit a player with a combination of up and under, fade, up and under again. Those are rarity moves and they are not the moves you should actually be working on. You will get only get in once, once in a month maybe and that is even maybe.”


Arenas said he had one summer to practice a patented Dwyane Wade move, however, he realized that he never had the chance to actually test the move.


“I used to work on the Dwyane Wade pull back. Never done it once in a game. I used to work on it one summer when it came out and I never got to do it.”


It is always interesting to hear what some players think on how to approach the game properly and what should be the focus on in order to be successful in the NBA. Arenas was known for being a deadly shooter who could drop 25 or 30 points on you with ease if he was having his night so his input is valuable.