Gilbert Arenas talks about his best performance against Kobe Bryant

Gilbert Arenas talks about his best performance against Kobe Bryant

On a recent Ball Don’t Stop podcast Gilbert Arenas talked about some of the most memorable games in his career. Arenas were known as a prolific scorer, and a lot of people still remember his 60-point performance against Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers back in 2006. However, on the podcast, he said that wasn’t his favorite performance.

Arenas said there are two games in his career where he thinks he did a better job and had more impact. The first game he mentioned is 54 points against the Phoenix Suns who at that time were championship contenders and the other one, more specifically 37 points against the Lakers.

“It was 54 points against Steve Nash because I got snubbed and said I would score 50. That means I had to go out there and prove it, and I just failed against Portland. I didn’t perform against Portland. This was personal. The second best game was when I played Kobe the second time that year when I scored 37.”

The second game against the Lakers happened three months after the 60-point performance and a win in the Staples Center. Kobe, who is a fierce competitor himself, was going after Arenas from the first second and was predominantly in charge of guarding Arenas throughout the game. Arenas, on the other hand, knew that so he understood the importance of performing at his most excellent level. Arenas scored 37 points that night, but that wasn’t enough, and the Lakers won that game 118-112.

“The reason why that was more important is that I had the baddest man on the planet gunning for me. Blood for blood, he wants revenge because of what I did. That game was to put me in check. The 60 game was a whole lot of things that went together. 35 after a man is after is more important. I got 37, but we lost the game. We lose the game, but there is a game in the game. I just scored 37 against a man who’s only purpose was to shut me up. That is to me better than 60. With 60, all the things fell in line.”


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