Gilbert Arenas shares why Scottie Pippen was the real MVP of the original ‘Dream Team’

Gilbert Arenas shares why Scottie Pippen was the real MVP of the original ‘Dream Team’

Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas made a guest appearance on the Fubo Sports podcast. He reflected on the importance of a player like Scottie Pippen to any team aiming for a championship. Even though most fans realize how great of a player Pippen was, there is still a notion he is somewhat underrated and underappreciated.

Arenas admired Pippen because he was the type of player who had an incredible impact on the game, even though he sometimes didn’t score many points. Pippen’s defense and ability to make the right plays and get his teammates involved were his biggest strengths on the basketball court. According to Arenas, that was evident in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona when Pippen led the team USA in assists despite having Magic Johnson and John Stockton in the same team who were the best point guards in the world.

People didn’t realize on the US team, he led the team in assists. It wasn’t Magic, it wasn’t John Stockton. It wasn’t the two best point guards in the world. It was Scottie Pippen. He was the most valuable because he is the one getting the ball out of Jordan’s hands to Barkley. From Barkley to Mullin. From Mullin to a David Robinson. He is sacrificing himself, but he is the most valuable on the team.

Gilbert Arenas, via Fubo Sports

Arenas brought a great point when he said players like Pippen make life easier for others on the team, especially those who score a lot of points. In Pippen’s case, he set up many plays for Michael Jordan and was often the leading passer on that Bulls squad on top of his ability to stop guard the opposing team’s guards and forwards.