Gilbert Arenas on Kobe Bryant kicking everyone out of Caron Butler’s party

Gilbert Arenas on Kobe Bryant kicking everyone out of Caron Butler’s party

Gilbert Arenas never got to play with Kobe Bryant, so the two never actually hung out off the court. But through mutual teammates, Arenas got to hear many anecdotes regarding the Lakers legend. He shared one of them during an interview with DJ Vlad.

Kobe kicked everyone out of Butler’s house

While with the Bucks, Caron Butler, a former teammate of both Kobe and Arenas, decided to throw a birthday party. Despite not sharing a locker room with Bryant for almost a decade at that point — the two played in LA together in 04/05, Butler lived in Milwaukee during the 13/14 NBA season — the Lakers superstar wound up on Butler’s guest list. And according to Arenas, he made sure he got VIP treatment.

He (Butler) did a party at his house in Milwaukee and he said he invited Kobe. He says, ‘It’s my house, I got my family my friends, you know, our teammates,’ and they said Kobe comes in, he has security, and tells everyone ‘Hey, everyone out of the house.’

Gilbert Arenas, VladTV

At first, Butler didn’t know what was going on. But Kobe just wanted to make sure everything is up to par with his superstar status. “Then he had a security check and make sure everything was all right and then let everybody back in,” Arenas continued. “Caron said, ‘I’m sitting outside looking like, ‘Yo bro, this is my house.’ But that’s the way Kobe was. You just gotta deal with it.”

The meticoulousness of Kobe Bryant

Kobe, like any other NBA superstar, had to deal with a lot of unwanted attention — he was one of the most famous individuals, especially in NBA circles. That’s why having security is a necessity for guys of that stature.

No place is safe for one of the greatest basketball players ever, even when his former teammate is the one hosting a party. Combine that with Kobe’s meticulousness, on and off the court, and you get stories like this. But when you’re Kobe Bryant, what other option is there for you? It’s either this or getting mobbed by the people you don’t know, with equally unpredictable intentions.

Once his security did their part, the Lakers superstar sure allowed himself to engage with those around him more authentically. The initial experience might’ve been somewhat unpleasant, but being around one of the greatest to ever do it in an environment he felt comfortable in must’ve been worth it.