Giannis with Luka is “not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, and that kind of stuff.”

Giannis with Luka is “not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, and that kind of stuff.”

Superstars effectively hit free agency the moment they are eligible to sign a contract extension – if they don’t, it means other teams will probably get the chance to make their pitch. The next big superstar on the docket is Giannis, who will become a free agent in 2021, meaning he will be eligible to sign a contract extension this summer. Given the fact 2020 free-agent class is not as tantalizing, most teams are setting themselves up to be players in 2021. So, where should Giannis go in this scenario?

Of course, this answer comes from the “if I were Giannis” perspective. 2021 will be the first chance in his NBA career for Giannis to have full control. He can do whatever he wants and choose any criteria he wants. Money, basketball fit, average temperature, or something else. All signs point to Giannis being 100% focused on winning. In that case, Brian Scalabrine thinks there is no doubt.

“If Giannis does leave Milwaukee, I would 100% go to Dallas over going to Miami. With Giannis, KP, & Luka, you’re not talking about maybe winning a championship. You’re talking about winning not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, and that kind of stuff.”

Brian Scalabrine, via Dallas News

So far, we’ve heard about the Warriors, Raptors, and Heat as the main suspects. The Warriors are quite obvious, Steph, Klay, and Giannis would be as scary as the KD warriors. The Raptors have Masai Ujiri, who has a long relationship with Antetokumpos and is one of the best GMs in the NBA. Giannis and Siakam could go up against anyone. As long as Pat Riley exists on Earth, Miami will be in the race for any superstar.

With Luka, Dallas will be in every scenario for the decade. A young playmaking superstar, competitive and dedicated to basketball with a style of play that can work with anyone. Marc Cuban will pay the tax, he takes care of his superstars, and Texas is a no income tax state. That will get you a meeting with anyone.

Everything Giannis said or did points to him staying in Milwaukee, but if he were to explore the free-agent market, Dallas is an instant candidate for his services. What a difference a Luka makes.