Gianni’s pre-game routine is proof he is an MVP for a reason

Gianni’s pre-game routine is proof he is an MVP for a reason

In order to be the best player in the game, apart from being talented, a player needs to have an outstanding work ethic that goes along with that talent. One of those players is this year’s MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo who evolved quite a lot as a player in recent years and his working habits are so rigorous that he developed a routine he carefully follows.

Many NBA players have developed their way of doing things and it was that type of obsessive behavior that brought them the success they have. According to ESPN,  Gianni’s pre-game ritual is truly astonishing when you see how much work and preparation goes to only preparing himself for a game.

They say rest is important and Giannis includes a 2 hour and 45 minutes nap before every game. His warm-ups on the court last for exactly 2 hours and 45 minutes before every tip-off. Giannis was known as someone who is very accessible and modest so he never leaves the warm-up without thanking each member of the staff.

In order to be as productive as he can, Giannis takes a 15-minute ice bath which he follows with 15 minutes in a normatech suit. After all this work, Giannis is ready for a game but the last piece of his pre-game ritual is interaction with the fans themselves. He runs towards the fans pumping his chest and then pointing at the sky.

Giannis proved everyone this year he is the best player in the world and with such working habits, he is destinated to be even better after each year. Giannis is only 25, and there is still room for improvement to every aspect of his game which might be a scary fact for the rest of the teams in the NBA.