Giannis calls LeBron the best in the league, says MVP “is another story”

Giannis calls LeBron the best in the league, says MVP “is another story”

The first thing I do every morning is check my phone to see if Giannis signed his extension. His decision is going to change the NBA either way -strengthen the idea small market teams can make it, or create another superteam 29 other NBA cities will hate. 

Despite the Bogdanović affair, I still feel like Giannis is staying in Milwaukee. Everything he says about the game and life makes me think winning one with the Buck would mean more to him than a few on a superteam. Here are a few moments from a recent interview Giannis had in Greece. 

Probably the humblest two-time MVP we’ve had. While most players nowadays love blowing up their own horn, asking for their “damn respect,” and talking tough while the only buzzer beater they made was in a commercial, Giannis is different. The man keeps it real. When asked about LeBron, Giannis said it like it is. I am the MVP; he is the best. 

You can tell Giannis is all about rings. Being MVP is nice, but he knows who had the Larry O’ in his hands after the last game of the season. That’s why the two time MVP is hungry to get even better. Giannis is great at what he does, but his game is too predictable.

A forceful spin move from the three-point line into the paint, and then attacking the rim or passing to a shooter. It’s great for the regular season but not enough for the playoffs. What does Giannis need to take over the best player in the game title from LeBron? 

“I want to improve my numbers on the three-point shot, I want to improve my free throw percentage, I will play more on the perimeter this season. I worked hard, I believe in myself and the results will come.”

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Twitter

I’d even say the free throws are more important than the three-pointer. He shot 63.3% this past season, and that was a career-worst for Antetokounmpo. Shooting over 80% from the charity stripe would open up a lot of options for him, particularly in close playoff games. If he adds a decent (34-35%) three-point shot on top of that? As close as unstoppable we’ve seen.