After winning the MVP award and making it to game 7 of the eastern conference finals, Giannis Antetokounmpo announced he will participate in the upcoming world cup for the Greece national team. The championship will take place in China and even though most NBA stars would take the summer to rest, Giannis is determined and believes he can help his team win.

Giannis is willing to adapt to the national team and will play whatever the coach tells him. He knows despite him being the best player on the team, it’s essential he fits well within the system their coach will run.

“I have not spoken to the coach in which position I will play. Whether I play in position 1 or position 5 I do not care, “he said and continued:

Even though he became an MVP at a really young age, Giannis believes it’s his duty to play basketball as much as he can in order to get even better and he understands all the experience he gets will be beneficial for his further development as a player.

“I want to play, I’m a basketball player. I want to be there to help my country achieve something good. I have already talked to some teammates about the prospect of participation and we are all excited and looking forward, “he concluded.

With Giannis on board, it’s safe to assume some of the best Greek players will also participate in the tournament and therefore make Greece one of the favorites to win the medal.