George: “This year I’ve been shying away from contact”

George: “This year I’ve been shying away from contact”

Given the fact the Clippers are still considered to be the favorites due to their depth, and the Lakers chasing one more big trade, one of the most interesting trade rumors so far was the Clippers exploring Jrue Holiday trades. One thing the Clippers are missing is playmaking, and Holiday would help in that department. 

Kawhi and George are more than capable to create their own shots, but you still want a player that can help create for them and others. With Kawhi obviously managing a knee thing, and George returning from surgeries on both shoulders, they could use the help. George started the season with a few monster performances, but coming off shoulder surgery still takes time. In his last 4 games, George is averaging 17/6/3 on 31 FG% and 28% 3FG%.

“Last year, before the injury started, I was finishing through contact, finishing through defenders. This year I’ve been shying away from contact”

Paul George

Defenders pick up on a thing like these and adjust accordingly. Because you don’t go to the hoop with conviction, they can step up a bit closer on the perimeter, and make your shots more difficult. George will have to build up confidence that his injuries are behind him as the playoffs come closer. The luxury he has is that with his getting back to where he was last year and Kawhi nursing his knee condition, the Clippers are still third in the West with a 23-11 record.