[1992] GAME RECOGNIZES GAME Michael Jordan shows the utmost respect for Clyde Drexler

Clyde Drexler, aka Clyde the Glide, was one of the most versatile shooting guards in league history, and during his prime, he was second only to Michael Jordan.

After playing for twelve seasons with the Portland Trail Blazers and losing in the finals twice, Clyde decided he needed a change. Houston was calling, and Drexler decided it was time to make the switch — he joined Hakeem Olajuwon and the Rockets, and they won the championship the same season!

There’s no question Clyde is an all-time great, and this is something Micheal Jordan knew very well. MJ spoke very highly of Clyde and had the utmost respect for his game. Jordan thought their games resemble one another and that they are ultimately very similar players.

Here’s what MJ had to say before one of their matchups in March of ’92.

Well, Clyde is somewhat of a mirror of me in a sense. He’s so versatile, he plays offense, plays defense, he’s good with the assists, he can score, so you’ve got to respect him in all areas of basketball.


I’m just gonna try to contain him as much as possible. Try to force him to shoot the outside shot. And force him to his weaker hand, which is left. That’s what most people try to do with me. Hopefully, it can work against him.


Michael stopped Clyde in the 1992 NBA Finals as Chicago beat Portland 4-2. Ultimately, Drexler was simply unfortunate to have played during the same era as MJ, just like Reggie Miller, John Starks, and many others.

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