“FU** U, FU** YOUR SOURCES AND YOUR BOOK” KD still doesn’t care what people think

“FU** U, FU** YOUR SOURCES AND YOUR BOOK” KD still doesn’t care what people think

When asked if Kevin Durant would play in the Tokyo Olympics, KD’s agent Rich Kleiman said it was “definitely a possibility.” The Games had been scheduled to start in July before they were postponed until the summer of 2021. That got many people wondering – what about the continuation of the NBA season in July? 

The Nets are in a playoff position, and with Kyrie’s shoulder presumably healed up, the current 7th seed in the East would suddenly look a lot different with KD and Kyrie back on the court. It seems that while KD’s Achilles would “definitely possibly” heal up for the Olympics, it was “not very realistic” for it to heal up to play for the Nets. Nets GM Sean Marks put things in perspective. There are $110 million reasons to take every precaution.

“When you’ve got enough invested in a player like Kevin, we’re never going to push him to come back. When the timing is right, he’ll be 100 percent when he gets on the court.”

Sean Marks, vis Newshub

It makes sense that KD would take all the time he needs, especially considering he tore his Achilles when rushing back from an injury to help out the Warriors in the playoffs. His time in Golden State has recently been in the basketball zeitgeist, thanks to Ethan Strauss’s new book “The Victory Machine: The Making and Unmaking of the Warriors Dynasty.”

Strauss covered the Warriors since 2010 and was there for the dog days, Steph’s, Klay’s, and Draymond’s ascendance, KD arriving and KD leaving. His relationship with KD was particularly rocky, most memorably when Durant called him out in a press conference after icing the media for a few weeks. Consistent in his inconsistency, Durant later confirmed Strauss’s theory he called him out on once he joined the Nets. 

Partly doing his due diligence, and probably to satisfy his curiosity, Strauss contacted Durant while writing the book to see if Durant would talk to him about his time in Golden State. KD’s response was calm and mature, as you would expect from a man who just wants to hoop. 

“Fu** u, fu** your sources and your book.”

Kevin Durant, via The New Yorker

Despite all the news and uncertainty surrounding us, one of the top things to look forward to in the upcoming NBA season, whenever it happens, is Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving playing in New York City. What could go wrong?