Frank Vogel says the Lakers are practicing how to draw more fouls from the opposing players

Frank Vogel says the Lakers are practicing how to draw more fouls from the opposing players

In a press conference after their game against the Detroit Pistons, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel talked about what it took for his team to win the game after 2 OT’s. It was a close contest until the last minute of the game when the Lakers made some big shots to close out the game.

One of those big shots Vogel mentioned was the one Kyle Kuzma hit. It was a three-pointer with a foul, and immediately after he made it, the Lakers bench went extremely wild and were happy for Kuzma. After the game, Vogel shared the excitement that came from the bench because Kuzma did the exact thing the Lakers do in practice, drawing fouls on shots. Apparently, the strategy coach Vogel and his staff are working on with the Lakers is to draw as many fouls as they can from the opposing players. They are especially encouraging it if the best players on the opposing teams commit the foul.

I’m encouraging my guys, when they have defenders off their feet, to jump into them and get 3 free throws. We are missing on those opportunities. Especially when it’s their best player to pick up fouls and get themselves FTs. Kuz finally listened, we have a joke that when somebody does that, they get the day off tomorrow so Kuz got the day off tomorrow.

Frank Vogel, via Spectrum SportsNet

Vogel’s comment might raise some backlash from the fans because nobody wants to hear a team is actively working on drawing fouls from other squads like that. Even though it’s a standard part of the sport, it’s different when you are going for the contact to score a basket rather than actively looking at every situation to draw a foul. It may be considered as high IQ basketball that can lead to a win, but numerous fans want their teams and players to play straight up without going into this type of antics on the floor.