Former NBA commissioner David Stern criticizes Pelican’s GM Dell Demps

Former NBA commissioner David Stern criticizes Pelican’s GM Dell Demps

Former Commissioner of the NBA David Stern criticized the work of New Orleans Pelicans GM Dell Demps. He is supposed to do a “lousy” job and be responsible for the future loss of Anthony Davis.

Stern also talked about the 2011 Chris Paul Trade, which he banned. “There was a trade that Dell Demps wanted and I said no, but he already told Daryl Morey (Rockets) and Mitch Kupchak (Lakers) that he had permission,” said the ex-commissioner. This was the possible trade of Kevin Martin and Luis Scola (Rockets) for Chris Paul of the Hornets.

Eventually, he accepted a trade deal with the Clippers for Eric Gordon, Al-Farouq Aminu, Chris Kaman, and a 10th draft pick. “But Dell Demps is a lousy general manager and none of those players are currently working for the team, and he could lose Anthony Davis.”

All-Star Davis is an MVP nominee, posting 28.1 points, 11.1 rebounds and 2.6 blocks last season. In 2020, however, he could become the Unrestricted Free Agent and leave the team.

The Pelicans have responded to Twitter’s statements about Stern: “We are very disappointed to read these inappropriate and inaccurate comments from the former Commissioner regarding the New Orleans Pelicans.” It also states that Dell Demps has full franchise support and is “part of the family.” “Our organization is excited and proud to be part of the NBA, which is under the advanced and innovative leadership of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver,” the team quipped.

In addition to his 2001 veto, Stern said, “I did it because I wanted to protect the Hornets.” At the time, he worked as a temporary owner of the franchise and just wanted to have a greater value for point guard Chris Paul.