Former athletic trainer Gary Vitty believes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the greatest player in NBA history

Former athletic trainer Gary Vitty believes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the greatest player in NBA history

There is a constant debate on who is the greatest player of all-time and for some strange reason Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s name often gets neglected in these conversations. Kareem accomplished a lot in his high-school, college and NBA career and won pretty much everything a player can win several times. His list of accolades is extremely impressive and scoring the most points in NBA history is probably the most recognizable record achieved by Kareem in his 20 year-long career.

Former Los Angeles Lakers athletic coach Gary Vitty, who was closely working with Kareem for years is convinced he is not only the greatest basketball player but also perhaps the greatest athlete in the 20th century.  In an interview done for Scoop B Radio, Vitty further explained why he admires Kareem more than other great NBA players.

“I believe that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was not only the greatest basketball player that ever played the game, but I can also make an argument that he was the greatest athlete to ever walk the planet. You really look at what Kareem accomplished in his career there is no one that comes even close to his success that he has had in terms of championships. Whether it be high school, college, pros, MVPs, scoring, he is beyond and I mean way beyond anybody else that has ever played any sport.”

Kareem still holds the record for the most points scored in NBA history which will be extremely hard for anyone to break. LeBron James has a good chance of possibly overtaking that record from Kareem, but he will need to have 4 or even 5 really productive seasons in order to achieve that. Vitty, on the other hand, doesn’t believe there will ever be a player capable of breaking Kareem’s record.

“They still haven’t broken his record and I don’t think anybody will because for one thing, no one will play long enough. It takes a lot of years to score that many points. So anyway that is my opinion.”