Footage of Zion Williamson warming up, looks much bigger than last year.

Footage of Zion Williamson warming up, looks much bigger than last year.

There have been several concerning reports surfacing on Zion Williamson’s weight this off-season. Now that the season has started, we have seen it with our own eyes; he seems completely and utterly out of shape. We cannot be 100% sure until we see him on the court, but the combination of Mountain Dew and 2K sponsorships is not the best mix following his recovery from a foot injury. 

Hype surrounding Zion Williamson

When he entered the league, Zion was compared to the best players ever to play the game. The last time there was so much spotlight on a player coming in was with LeBron James back in ’03. Today, the likes of Stephen A. Smith have called him out and went on record saying Ja Morant should have been the first pick instead of Williamson.

Zion Williamson’s weight issues

Instead of reducing the pressure on his joints by losing weight, following advice from his team doctors, nutritionists, and pretty much everyone in New Orleans — the young phenom has done just the opposite, it seems.

In addition to this, we have already reported on rumors of Zion not connecting well with the Pelicans front office and possibly aiming to leave Nola soon. Remember when Charles Barkley tried to avoid being drafted by the Sixers in 1984 by going on an eating spree and reporting to camp with over 300 pounds — this might be Zion’s way of saying, “I want out.”

We still have not seen him play, but it doesn’t look good from the video that surfaced on the internet today. It is hard to follow the presumption of innocence when Zion looks very guilty of eating fast food, drinking pop, and playing video games all summer long. I would love for him to prove me wrong because I admire his game and style of play, and I hope to see him dominate the league very soon.