Floyd Mayweather explains why he should have been the athlete of the decade and not LeBron James

The Associated Press recently announced that LeBron James is their male athlete of the decade. James joined a pretty prestigious company of athletes that includes Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, and Wayne Gretzky that received this award throughout the years. Behind James, the list includes Tom Brady, Usain Bolt, Lionel Messi, and Michael Phelps. Floyd Mayweather Jr. hosted on the Drink Champs podcast, where he shared his disbelief he is not on that list and how he should have been in front of James in this category.

Mayweather believes the reason why he should have received this award is because of his consistency for the past two decades. He says he respects everything that James accomplished, but when it comes to being the best at their respective sports, Mayweather is convinced he has the advantage in comparison to James.

“I proved to the world for 20 years that I was the best,” the undefeated boxer said. “Twenty years straight. World champion for 20 years … I don’t take nothing away from nobody – I love LeBron James. But when we talking about athlete of the decade, that’s me. That’s me hands down. Because how can I dominate … I dominated from – and I’m still active, basically – we talking about from 1996 to 2020, you know what I’m saying? And I never received athlete of the decade.”

Despite the fact he wasn’t even taken into consideration by the people making this list, you can’t deny his dominance the same way LeBron has been dominant for the past 15 years. Mayweather did surpass James by a large margin as the highest-paid athlete of the decade, according to Forbes, in which he earned a total of $915 million. James, on the other hand, was fourth on the list with $680 million in earnings.