February 26th: NBA Record Day

February 26th: NBA Record Day

February 26th is the day in NBA history on which many players have achieved incredible numbers.

Kevin Johnson of the Phoenix Suns dished out 21 assists in a 134-122 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. He also added 30 points, but his great performance was not enough as Lakers had a lot of players who played an excellent game (Worthy, Johnson, Scott, Jabbar, Green). Magic Johnson was the best player of the game, he led Lakers with 25 points, 19 assists, and six rebounds.

On this day in 1987, late great Manute Bol had maybe the best (if not the best) game in his NBA career. His Washington Bullets played against Indiana Pacers and Bol finished the game with the triple-double (10 points, 19 rebounds and 15 blocks) and had 8 blocks in the fourth quarter, tying the NBA record and total of 10 blocks in the second half. Even more great about this game is the fact Manute and Bullets also played against Pacers one day earlier, and he had 10 blocks and 0 points (total of 25 blocks in two games against Indiana).

Some other incredible numbers achieved on this day were 12 blocks by Mark Eaton in 1985 when Utah Jazz won the game versus Dallas Mavericks (he almost finished the game with the triple-double, as he had 9 points, 15 rebounds in addition to 12 blocks), Michael Jordan and his 58 and 52 points in 1987 (win over New Jersey Nets) and 1988 (loss to the Portland Trail Blazers), George Mikan of the Minneapolis Lakers and his 53 points in a 1949 game, a win over the Baltimore Bullets and Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans and his 53 points, 18 rebounds and 5 blocks in a win over Phoenix Suns in 2018.

If you have to place a bet and guess on which day an NBA record will be set, February 26th is a good pick.