“F**CKING KOBE! This guy had me up at 6 am, and he was doing the same move for three hours”

“F**CKING KOBE! This guy had me up at 6 am, and he was doing the same move for three hours”

Kobe Bryant’s insane work ethic: episodes gazzilion. Newsflash: the guy was a maniac in perfecting his craft, and there are a plethora of stories to back it up. Well, add two more to the list.

Dwyane Wade is the person behind the first one, as he described his first encounter with the monster that was No. 24. Flash had heard about it, but it was only once he experienced it, when Wade was like ‘this guy is on a whole nother level.’

It was the ’08 Olympics, and the Team USA had arrived in the city late. Not a problem – it’s time for a workout. Melo, Wade, Bron, and Kobe all went to the gym to get their work in. After the workout was over, the consensus decision was to get some rest and meet for breakfast first thing in the morning. Or so they thought.

“We probably get like three hours of sleep, we wake up, and we go down where the food is. As we’re walking down, sleeping our eyes, Kobe is sitting there with ice on his knees already. We like ‘Kobe, what’s up?‘ and he was like ‘Yeah man I just finished the workout, and I’m about to do another one.‘ I was like ‘Hold on – we just worked out three hours ago, and you’ve done another workout, and you’re about to do another one?‘ That’s when I was like, ‘I got to get my sh– together.

Dwyane Wade, OM3 Podacst w/ JJ Reddick

Episode over – onto another one. This one was shared by JJ Reddick, and it took place a year before Kobe’s Olympic all-nighter. Reddick was invited to the Las Vegas training camp, with all the NBA top-tier stars being called up as well. JJ, being a true professional that he is, got there a day early and hit up Duke’s assistant coaches to meet him at the gym to get some shots up. That’s when he encountered the victim of Kobe’s obsession.

I get to the gym, and Johhny Dawkins looks disheveled. I’m like ‘JD what’s going on, man?‘ and he’s like ‘Man, f*ucking Kobe! This guy had me up at 6 am, he was in the gym for three hours, and he was doing the same move for three hours.‘ It was like a pick-and-roll on the left side, jab, pull-up right for three straight hours. The guy was just maniacal about his work.

JJ Reddick, OM3 Podacst w/ JJ Reddick

If Kobe had your number, you better know that he’s counting on you. Just as he did on Michael Jordan, as MJ shared during the memorial. Mike described Bryant as a nuisance, and after that morning workout, I bet coach Dawkins would’ve called him the same.

It was hard keeping up with Mamba, whether you were a player chasing after him, or a coach working out with him. No one was getting on the guy’s level, and no one was outworking him. Thanks to that, we have priceless stories such as these two. And the way I see it, we’ve only scratched the surface of it.

As I said, Kobe Bryant’s insane work ethic: episode gazzilion – with gazzilion more to come.