Fan send​s flowers to apologize

Fan send​s flowers to apologize

Toronto is having a rough go after the reaction they had when KD went down with an Achilles injury in yesterday’s game.

In addition to the flack they got from the basketball collective hivemind on Twitter and other online platforms, seems almost every player, active and retired, had to join in and shame their behavior. Well, Curry did say he has only good things to say about Toronto and doesn’t feel this represents all Toronto fans.

One fan decided to make sure this is obvious and did a very Canadian thing. This person sent flowers to the Warriors office to apologize for the way fans behaved when KD went down.

(photo via Warriors Offices)

The fan added a card that said: “Dear KD and Warriors: I can’t even believe those dumbass Raptors fans cheered when they saw you were injured. I was watching the game and felt horrible. I hereby apologize on behalf of Canada. Prayers for recovery.

A nice reminder not all Raptors fans reacted the same way. Classy.