Fan meltdown, vol.1

Fan meltdown, vol.1

It’s been three full days since Adam Silver decided to suspend the NBA season due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. While the COVID-19 attacks the respiratory system, NONBA-20 mostly impacts one’s mental health. The first signs of despair are in, and we decided to document them. 

Team names 

72 hours in, the NBA collective is mostly discussing team names. There is a notable fascination with renaming each team, and it all started with NYC. The origin could be tracked to team names if they were named in the likeness of the New York Knickerbockers. After a few iterations, the virus evolved to state animals.

Fan art

Art has always been a way of expressing one’s emotions. In these troubling times, many gravitate towards visual arts to find comfort. Fascinating to find out, we have some true artists amongst our ranks. The logos challenge is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family.

Clinical observation

Some are taking the suspended season harder than others. As with the Coronavirus itself, the question isn’t if you will get infected, but when will you get infected. The key is to help the healthcare system deal with the outbreak by hanging in there for as long as possible, so there are no too many critical patients coming in at once. Here are a few examples of those who need attention right now.

Moral issues

As always, times of great need bring great moral questions. We’ve seen many players pledge money to support part-time workers in their arenas and communities. Most teams have publicly joined the movement and said that all employees would be covered for the following month as if they worked. Yet, a group of employees depend on a specific source of income and are being ignored by most.

As always, stay safe, follow recommendations from health experts and follow our site, FB and IG, for all relevant news.