Ex-NBA coach calls Stephen A. Smith “clueless” when picking Ayton over Doncic

Ex-NBA coach calls Stephen A. Smith “clueless” when picking Ayton over Doncic

Luka Doncic has slowly but surely taken over the NBA. The Dallas Mavericks rookie is already considered as the biggest steal in the draft even though there was a lot of hype surrounding him prior to the draft.

A lot of analysts doubted in the success of Luka Doncic because of the prejudice surrounding European players. One of the most well-known people in that area is without a doubt Stephen A. Smith who never had much faith in the young wunderkind from Europe.

David Blatt who is currently serving as a coach back in Europe and was coaching the Cleveland Cavaliers in their first season after getting LeBron back has a lot of experience in European players and what they are capable of.  Blatt firmly believes Doncic will win the 2019’s Rookie of the Year award but also said people like Stephen A.Smith have no knowledge about basketball when putting DeAndre Ayton ahead of Doncic.

“I told everyone he was the best player in the draft. Stephen A. Smith is clueless at basketball. Doncic is hands down the best player in the draft.”

After he led the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA finals in 2015, Blatt was fired in the middle of next season. It was believed Blatt was fired because he and LeBron didn’t get along and Blatt stressed out several times it’s very hard to coach someone like James who always has a special status in any team he plays for. Blatt would eventually come back to Europe and now is serving as the head coach for the Greek Euroleague team Olympiacos.