Every player with the last name “Richardson” to ever play in the NBA, played shooting guard.

Every player with the last name “Richardson” to ever play in the NBA, played shooting guard.

That’s right everyone, your long-held suspicions have been confirmed, and we can put this age-old query to rest: Every player with the last name “Richardson” to ever play in the NBA, played Shooting Guard for significant stretches of their career.

Let’s break it down (all information courtesy of basketball reference).

Clint Richardson  Second-round pick, played from 1979 to 1987, averaged 7/2.5/2.4, played Shooting Guard for nearly his whole career.

Jason Richardson — 5th overall pick in the 2001 NBA draft, played until 2015, missing the 13-14 season with a knee injury. Averaged 17.1/2.7/5 across his whole career, and played SG as his main position for all but one season.

Jeremy Richardson — Undrafted out of Delta State University, played for 6 teams in 3 years, from 2006 to 2009. Averaged 1.9/0.1/0.6, and split his time pretty evenly between SG and SF, depending upon the team he played for.

Josh Richardson — 40th pick of the 2015 draft, and first active player on the list. In his first 3 years in the NBA, he has averaged 12.9/2.9/3.4, and while he has certainly favored SF more as his career has advanced, he still played his rookie year largely at SG and still goes back to the position with regularity this season.

Malachi Richardson  22nd pick of the 2016 NBA draft, Malachi Richardson has averaged 3.5/0.5/1.2 in his first two years as an NBA player and has played SG for the majority of his time in the league.

Micheal Ray Richardson  4th pick of the 1974 NBA draft, Michael was a 4-time all-star, two-time 1st team all-defense selection, and was the 1984-85 comeback player of the year. He averaged 14.8/7/5.5 with 2.6 steals across his successful, but fairly short career due to an apparent drug habit. He was admittedly more of a point guard but still played considerable minutes at SG, especially in the 1979-80 and 1980-81 seasons.

Norm Richardson  An undrafted player, Norm played only 1 season, 2001-02, and played in only 11 games. In his time in the NBA, he averaged 2.7/0.2/0.5, (16.1 points per 36 though, lowkey underrated???) and played SG for a majority of it.

Pooh Richardson  10th pick of the 1989 NBA draft, and a first-ever pick of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Pooh averaged 11.1/6.5/2.8 and was elected to the 1989-90 1st team all-rookie squad. Basketball ref only lists him as a PG, but an article on AXS.com titled “The five best Minnesota Timberwolves shooting guards of all-time” lists Pooh as #2, and stated that he was “playing both guard positions and doing it well for the three seasons he was in Minnesota.” I rest my case.

Quentin Richardson — The 18th pick of the 2000 NBA draft, Quentin had something of an up and down 13 season career, which concluded after the 2012-13 NBA season. During it, he averaged 10.3/1.5/4.7 and seemed to favor SG at the beginning of his career, before transitioning to SF, for the most part, in the latter half of his career.

In conclusion, Richardsons and shooting guards go together like cherry pie and ice cream, and if you have the last name “Richardson,” you’d better start practicing your 3-point shooting and ball-handling skills.

Via r/NBA @Etzutrap