Ethics Policy

Basketball Network Ltd. is a publishing company covering various basketball related news, and delivering authentic and thoroughly curated basketball content every day. B/N was founded in 2013 with a vision to become the #1 online source for all things basketball.

Our mission demands that our readers and sources alike be able to have the utmost confidence in the accuracy of our journalism, the fairness of our reporting process and the independence of our news judgments from the influence of advocates and financial supporters. Our code of ethics reflects longstanding values and standards of practice of the journalism profession.
Exceptional circumstances may require exceptions to this code, and we will revise it as our experiences and norms in journalism and digital media evolve.

Any team member inside B/N who has questions or issues raised in these policies is encouraged to bring them to their supervisor or editor. When in doubt, we suggest asking.

We are committed to journalism that is accurate, fair and complete, and our journalists due to act with honesty, transparency and independence, including from conflicts of interest.
We especially elaborate the following:


We believe journalism must be accurate, fair and clear if readers are to trust it. For that reason our journalists and content makers:

  • check facts, correct errors transparently and swiftly and learn from mistakes so that they aren’t repeated
  • write and submit only entirely original works, and if they have used the work and/or words of others, cite them appropriately
  • never plagiarize and never deliberately distort facts or context
  • identify the sources of their reporting whenever it’s possible, whether the information comes from people, documents, or exclusive reporting that appeared elsewhere
  • seek independent verification from multiple sources to confirm (or contradict) claims, especially those made by anyone with an agenda beyond merely reporting the truth
  • work to the best of their ability to assess evidence and claims without bias, always examining ways in which personal experiences and values may shape their reporting
  • provide context that readers need to make sense of the facts
  • acknowledge areas of uncertainty, which will always exist despite our best efforts to resolve them.

Therefore, if you find an error you wish to report or any non-compliance with the policies above, please email to:


Our journalists and content makers:

  • will not seek or accept secondary employment, political involvement, and other outside activities that could compromise integrity or cause the perception of compromised integrity
  • will not accept gifts, favors, fees, free travel, and special treatment from sources and potential sources. When attending events or conferences put on by sources or potential sources that offer free gift bags, reporters should decline to take any item of more than nominal value.
  • will not work on stories, projects, or initiatives in which they have a personal connection, vested interest or financial interest
  • will stray away from any possible form of conflict of interest
  • will report and disclose to their supervisors any doubt or possible existence of conflict of interest or infringement of the independency policy.


We acknowledge sponsors on our websites, article pages and in our newsletters. We reserve the right to reject a sponsorship if we believe the content is misleading, fraudulent, or distasteful. All content will be clearly labeled to be distinguishable from B/N’s editorial content.

Sponsors may also reach B/N’s readers in the form of sponsored articles and/or dedicated emails. B/N will always identify the organization paying for the content on the article page, within the email, and/or in any related social media promotion. Advertisers represent and warrant that all advertisements and products they advertise are compliant with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations in the country where the advertisement will be seen.

The views expressed in any sponsored content, whether articles, ads or emails, do not reflect those of B/N, and sponsors have no role or influence in B/N’s editorial decisions. B/N does not endorse or support any product or organization linked to its website, nor is responsible for the content of any website promoted in any advertisement appearing at our website.

All sponsored material, whether articles, ads or emails, must be nondiscriminatory and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Ads that discriminate against applicants based on sex, age, race, religion, marital status or physical handicap will not be accepted.
B/N requires people-first language when referring to persons with disabilities and will not run sponsorships that reinforce negative racial, ethnic, or gender stereotypes.

We acknowledge that company’s growth in the future that may require additional enumeration of relevant ethical policies. We assume, however, that the underlying principles will be the same, even as our strategies for serving our audience and generating revenue develop.

First adopted in 2017. Updated in 2020.