ERIK SPOELSTRA EMOTIONAL Caught wiping tears away during his press conference

ERIK SPOELSTRA EMOTIONAL Caught wiping tears away during his press conference

Erik Spoelstra was emotional after his Miami Heat suffered a season-ending loss in game 6 of the 2020 NBA Finals. The Los Angeles Lakers ended the Heat’s season after a miraculous post-season run in an exciting 6 game series. (LAL 4 – 2 MIA)

Unfortunately, their head coach, Spo, was unable to keep his emotions in check as he was caught wiping away tears during his postgame press conference. A heart-breaking sight, to say the least.

Although the Heat hadn’t reached their goal of winning the Disney Bubble Championship, they came pretty damn close. Their efforts have surely been recognized and respected by NBA fans all across the globe, but also the player’s families, something that coach Spo was very well aware of:

“A lot of families had to make big-time sacrifices to hold down the fort while we’re chasing down our dreams.”

Erik Spoelstra

The young team out of South Beach went from being the 5th overall seed in the Eastern Conference to Eastern Conference champions. They were led by a veterans Jimmy Butler and Goran Dragic, as well as All-NBA Defensive 2nd team member, Bam Adebayo.

Upon getting to the NBA Finals, they were plagued by injuries of two key players in Dragic and Adebayo but still managed to put up a fight against the superior LA Lakers led by Lebron James.

The final series was filled with excitement as well as some controversy (Davis punching Crowder in game 5), but unfortunately for Miami fans, the title ultimately slipped out of their hands.

The Heat’s players, however, should be prised for their tireless work ethic, which is truly rare for such a young team. Moreover, their “doggy dog” mentality enabled them to reach the Finals in the first place, something they should all be proud of.

However, we understand that finishing second is often harder to swallow then finishing last, so it is no surprise had a few tears to shed for his team’s defeat.