Emotional Michael Jordan “The money doesn’t matter. The name doesn’t matter. This is just the start.”

A very emotional Michael Jordan was present at unveiling the first of two medical clinics he and his family funded to provide care to underprivileged members of the Charlotte community. We rarely see MJ so emotional, but this is a moment and a cause that was worth it. 

The clinic is located in a lower-income section of the city and will provide health care and attention to people who are not in the position to provide it for themselves. Jordan was very passionate when talking about how important this is to him. Several times he pointed out it’s not about the money, and that giving back to the community that has supported him and his family means everything to him. 

Jordan was never considered to be the nicest guy you could meet in the NBA. His competitive drive was so strong that he had tunnel vision. It’s not that he isn’t compassionate, but there was no time for it while chasing NBA championships. His Hall of Fame speech shed light on that. The undisputed Greatest of All Time used that opportunity to settle some scores and call out people who doubted him. From the outside, we see the greatest. It was hard to image that MJ was insecure about anything.

This has obviously changed. Today we got to see a humble man, pointing out that the Michael Jordan name doesn’t represent just him but his entire family. Emotional about the significance of what he was doing and appreciating the chance to give back.

This is just a gut feeling, but the way MJ smiled when he pointed out he’s a grandpa makes me think that had something to do with this emotional champion we saw.

P.S. MJ as a father might even be challenging and competitive at times. But grandpa MJ? Lucky kid.