Embiid’s hilarious reaction to his new nickname

Embiid’s hilarious reaction to his new nickname

If it comes to it, should the 76ers trade Embiid or Simmons is a legitimate discussion around the NBA. Both camps have valid points to make, but when it comes to the fans, there is no doubt – Joel Embiid is the fan-favorite in Philly.

76ers fans embraced “The Process,” supported the team through a lot of losing and then landed a larger than life, funny, trash-talking seven-footer; a perfect fit for Philadelphia. The cherry on top was Embiid embracing the genesis of this team, and naming himself “The Process.” His arrival was the reward after all those years of pain. Last night, that changed.

Jeopardy was on, and one of the categories was “Current Sports Nicknames.” To win Jeopardy, you need to have an encyclopedic knowledge about all sorts of topics, and sports is one of the most often blind spots for contestants. That proved to be the case last night.

To be fair, if you didn’t know the answer and the question implied the team did a radical change, to “do a 180” isn’t bad. Still, this was enough for Twitter to explode, and the answer started to trend immediately. If there is one player we know is quick to respond, it is Joel “The Process” Embiid. Sorry, my mistake, Joel “Do a 180” Embiid.

This is Embiid, in a nutshell. Enjoying the joke, but using it to laugh at his own expense and posting a self-deprecating video of a basketball lowlight from his youth. This is why Embiid is the heart and soul of the 76ers, something that will be an important factor if the 76ers feel they need to do a 180 and shake up the team in a significant way.